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landscape design


Unlimited Earth Care offers a range of services including: landscape design, installation, maintenance, lawn care, irrigation, and more.

Landscape Design

 Award-winning designer Frederico Azevedo’s sustainable approach and focus on color and form creates gardens that feel impromptu but have been carefully planned. 

Unlimited Earth Care’s renowned gardens incorporate the beauty of natural forms and an understanding of the environment into a comprehensive design that is healthy as well as beautiful. 


Azevedo and his team of plant care specialists will find the best way to create and install your perfect landscape. 


Unlimited Earth Care works closely with the best team of gardeners, ecologists, and arborists to provide a holistic approach to each property that accounts for the conditions of its unique environment. 

Spring Cleanup & Garden Preparation


A healthy garden starts at the roots. Unlimited Earth Care will start your garden off right each season with a general overall cleanup, pruning, trimming, and mulching of all garden beds and borders, as well as individualized garden, shrub, and tree fertilization programs. 

Garden Maintenance; 

weekly, every other week, monthly


Let the professional team at Unlimited Earth Care keep your landscape pristine with maintenance programs tailored to the needs of your property, large or small. Regular maintenance includes pruning, weeding, staking, dividing, edging, deadheading, cutting back flowering shrubs, raking, soil cultivation, and the spreading of compost. 

Lawn Care

Unlimited Earth Care knows exactly what your lawn needs to thrive and has developed an effective program to produce a thick, lush green lawn using environmentally friendly products. 

Our Lawn Care Program


Our program includes lawn mowing, raking and blowing of grass clippings, lawn lime and fertilization programs, pest and disease control, seeding, aeration and sod installation. Our professional crews have decades of combined experience caring for the East End’s finest landscapes.


Unlimited Earth Care offers complete irrigation system  management and maintenance.

Proper irrigation is critical to every landscape. We offer the opening and winterizing of your system, replacing broken sprinkler heads, adding drip hoses or zones to an existing system for newly landscaped areas, and managing complete irrigation system overhauls. 

Floral Gardens

Hedge Care


Organic &



Fall Cleanup & Garden Winterization

Unlimited Earth Care will prepare your landscape for the fall and winter months with general overall leaf raking and removal, lawn aeration, soil cultivation, cutting back of flowering and perennial shrubs, “burlapping” or protective wrapping, and deer fencing. At this time, bulbs are planted for the upcoming spring and fertilizer is applied to keep gardens well-nourished through harsh winters. 

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