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“Let the beauty of his creations wash over you and get inspired to go digging in the dirt yourself this summer.”

– Fashion Week Daily

“His elegant designs rely on seemingly simple concepts, such as repetition of color, texture, and shape, but sophisticatedly executed to romantic effect.”

– Aspire Home & Design

“Frederico has graduated from growing vegetables as a child to creating sweeping, blooming fields of flowers for his clients–always in kaleidoscopic hues.”

– House Beautiful

“Known for his sinuous shapes, eco-friendly ethos, and use of native flowers, the award-winning designer was influenced at an early age by Brazilian landscape geniuses Lota de Macedo Shares and Roberto Burle Marx and his colorful interpretations are things that dreams are made of.”

– Galerie Magazine

“This stunning body of work explores the hallmarks of an Azevedo garden–his signature curving, floral borders, and integration of native plants.”

– Array Magazine

Hardcover   |   200 Pages

9” X 12.125” | ISBN: 978-1-938461-87-3 $75 USD


The Luminous Gardens of Frederico Azevedo

This stunning body of work explores the signatures of an Unlimited Earth Care garden, such as curving floral borders and the creative integration of native and well-adapted plants. In Bloom, Azevedo reflects on the elements of natural design and his sustainable, color-focused approach to healthy, beautiful gardens. His designs are sophisticated and well-executed, and most importantly, site-specific and planned according to the unique conditions of their environment. Discover the luminous world of Frederico Azevedo and his dazzling gardens.


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Also available for purchase at The Garden Market!


takes you on a journey through imaginative backyard spaces curated by over 50 top international design professionals. With nearly 800 photos arranged in six chapters, this book showcases a diverse range of styles, including well-appointed living areas, modern kitchens & bars, resort-style pools and spas, serene landscaping, and intimate outdoor lighting.


Also available for purchase at The Garden Market!


presents the accomplished work of Frederico Azevedo—a leading garden and landscape designer and the founder of Unlimited Earth Care whose work emphasizes color and flowers, which he uses to “lure the eye through the flow of the design."

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