Transforming Landscapes Into Art Since 1993



The Garden is a place of harmony, balance and emotion;

it is the pleasure to live outdoors.

Award winning designer Frederico Azevedo and his specialist planting and care team can help you decide the best way to improve your landscape.


the landscape that frederico azevedo has made is hidden, yet revealing, calm but colorful, romantic and structured all at the same time. But most of all, it is a garden of sustainable plants in an unforgiving environment of floods and winds, quite an achievement.


Client Showcase


Unlimited Earth Care works closely with ecologists, arboriculturalists, surveyors anD specialists to provide a holistic approach to the site, keeping in context with its surroundings. 

Frederico Azevedo’s eclectic mix of plants are both poetic and chaotic, controlled and spontaneous. It’s a contemporary design that speaks directly to the new global environment.


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